Centria Architectural Systems

Form meets function

Centria is a worldwide leader that provides innovative solutions for exterior metal architectural systems. Gen3 has discovered that Centria is a quality architectural metal wall choice as its products continue to evolve and provide:

  • Fresh and exciting new aesthetics in metal architecture
  • Sustainable design attributes for a healthy environment
  • Improved thermal efficiency for reduced energy costs and consumption
  • Superior moisture protection to defeat moisture intrusion and entrapment
  • New services to simplify design, expedite delivery, and improve in-pace quality

What is Centria?

Centria is an extensive line of custom-engineered Architectural Metal Wall products designed to overcome the functional challenges of commercial construction.

  • Formawall® Dimension Series® Single Component Wall Panel System. An inventive envelope that delivers extraordinary thermal and moisture protection and multiple, design possibilities.
  • Formawall Graphix Series. This is Centria’s latest flat panel product that permits a multiple panel design appearance with only one panel that allows running bond patterns and smaller panel designs with simplified erection and less cost.
  • Versawall®. This insulated composite back-up panel offers excellent thermal and moisture protection.
  • Versapanel®. An incredibly strong composite panel which is insulated with a rigid, closed-cell, CFC–free foam that’s injected between a steel face and liner.
  • Concept Series. A selection of six asymmetrical profiles with identical vented, rainscreen and pressure-equalized joinery.
  • IW Series. Weather resistant concealed fastener panels that are offered for insulated and uninsulated applications.
  • Exposed Fastener Panels. These versatile panels can be formed with extreme curves.
  • EcoScreen Perforated Screenwall Panels. Unique panels control light, provide air movement, and help in safety and security.

Gen3 installs Centria Architectural Systems (CAS) when jobs require custom-engineered architectural metal enclosure systems that include factory-foamed, insulated metal walls for architectural and industrial applications that also require architectural and structural engineering support.

Gen3 joins Centria Systems in striving to make a positive impact on our world by supporting Green Building to minimize the environmental impact of commercial construction. Please Contact Gen3 for more information.

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