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Even though there are several options for exterior wall applications in today’s market, Reynobond® has provided outstanding Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) products for commercial construction for a number of reasons:

  • Durability
  • Lightweight
  • Quality aesthetics – extraordinary flat appearance and well-defined lines
  • Formability – material can be curved, bent & cut to meet the demands of the design requirements
  • Ideal for retrofits
  • Economical – great alternatives to pre-cast, stucco, brick, granite, and marble
  • Focus on “Green Building”

What is Reynobond®?

Reynobond® is a versatile composite panel manufactured by Alcoa. This composite panel consists of an extruded thermoplastic compound core that is fusion-bonded between two sheets of coil-coated aluminum, brushed aluminum, zinc, stainless steel, titanium, or copper. Reynobond® delivers the following benefits:

  • Highly resistant to corrosion, weathering, and warping
  • Light weight – weighs 3.4 times less than steel and 1.6 times less than pure aluminum
  • Extraordinarily flat appearance§ Rigid-yet-flexible material ideal for curves and design accents
  • Extensive selection of color options and gloss levels
  • Seamless presentation for façades

Reynobond® is a smart solution for a wide range of architectural needs: rain screen cladding systems (ventilated façades), infill panels for curtain wall systems, exterior building cladding, flat/curved and multi-geometrical design elements, cladding for balconies and tunnels.

Elward Systems

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All Gen3 Construction Reynobond® projects are in collaboration with Elward Systems.
Elward Systems Corporation (ESC) specializes in fabricating high quality, pre-engineered Aluminum Composite Materials (ACM) panel systems such as Reynobond®.

With 30+ years of experience, ESC is the leader in the fabrication of aluminum composite panels. We have come to rely on the expertise and services brought to each of our projects by Elward Systems. Elward delivers beyond our expectations – and Gen3 Construction has high expectations.