Stone Composite Wall Panels

Colorado-based Gen3 installs StoneLite® natural stone composite wall panels, when owners, architects, and general contractors want a cost-effective, strong, yet natural stone finish to their commercial buildings.

Stone Panels®
Natural Stone Cladding Using Modern Technology

Stone Panels is a global leader in lightweight natural stone composite wall panels with over 35 years of innovation in natural stone cladding. Their StoneLite® product is recognized as a state-of-the-art wall cladding system. StoneLite® is a natural stone wall panel made of authentic stone veneer.

What is StoneLite®?

The StoneLite® brand is internationally recognized as the leader in incorporating the natural beauty of granite, marble, travertine, slate and limestone with aircraft quality aluminum reinforcing. StoneLite panels are composite wall panels constructed by combining the aerospace technology of aluminum honeycomb with the natural beauty of natural stone. These stone composite wall panels weigh approximately 80% less than solid stone: about the same as ¼-inch (6 mm) thick glass or 3.3 lbs./sq.ft.

StoneLite panels bring many advantages to any commercial construction project:

  • Big savings in installation labor, structural requirements, and installing time because of the lighter weight.
  • A patented manufacturing process that results in impact resistance and flexural strength materials. StoneLite panels can resist an impact up to 60 times more than the resistance of solid 3 cm-thick granite. They are ideal for seismic locations since the panels can be flexed.
  • StoneLite has a fiber-reinforced epoxy skin directly behind the stone which makes these panels impervious to water penetration. The need for an additional layer of protection is eliminated.mproved thermal efficiency for reduced energy costs and consumption.
  • StoneLite panels have passed extensive structural testing, accelerated aging, and large-scale fire tests. Minimal strength loss was experienced following freeze-thaw cycling while immersed in a 4 pH sulfuric acid solution. StoneLite panels resisted large missile impact and 1,342 repetitions of simulated dynamic hurricane loading.
  • StoneLite panels can contribute to LEED/GREEN qualifications.

The StoneLite stone panels can be used in a variety of commercial construction applications installed by Gen3 Construction:

  • Exterior – New Commercial Construction. The Stonelite panel system has 35 years of proven exterior installation success – worldwide. This stone composite wall panel system offers the advantage of construction speed and cost effectiveness. Since the lightweight panels are easy to handle, an entire building can be laid out in advance and arranged for blending the color and the natural stone grain prior to fabrication and installation.
  • Exterior – Commercial Renovation. StoneLite panels are a dramatic and economic architectural option. These panels can be installed without the need to reinforce the building structure. Additionally, the natural stone finish increases property values, lease rates, and occupancies resulting in a quick ROI for owners.
  • Retail – Commercial Construction. The high quality image required in the retail industry combined with the quick installation make StoneLite stone panels perfect for retail construction. Stonelite stone panels provide a natural, strong façade that can withstand the test of time.