Terra Cotta Rainscreen Cladding

Gen3 installs terracotta rainscreen cladding systems that block the structural wall from wind-driven snow and rain to provide high-performance moisture management.  Terra Cotta can be combined with glass, wood or steel that gives a unique, contemporary, sophisticated look to new or renovated buildings.

Colorado Rain Screens Installation

The Gen3 team expertly installs Rain screens in Colorado and around the country.  Architects and contractors have discovered the endless benefits of the TerraCotta Rainscreens systems for new construction or reclad projects:

      •  Exposed sealants are not used which reduces maintenance.  Cleans with water.
      • Non-fading.
      • Positive/negative wind loads and seismic, thermal and normal movement.
      • Reduced energy consumption.
      • Natural ventilation eliminates mold and mildew from the interior space.
      • Quick moisture evaporation that can extend the life of the sysem.

Contact Gen3 for more information about this construction state-of-the-art technology that is based on timeless, kiln-fired terracotta that has been used as a durable building material for centuries.

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