An Innovative Market Leader

Trespa is a world leader in the development, production, and delivery of high-performance panels for exterior cladding and decorative facades. Trespa uses proprietary technologies that deliver innovative, aesthetically-appealing, architectural Trespa Meteon Wall Panels that meet high-quality standards:

  • Durability. High-impact resistant. High pull-out strength for fixings or fasteners. Dimensional stability and workability of hardwood. Vandal resistant.
  • Weather Resistant. Sun, pollution, moisture, rain, or even acid rain cannot affect the Trespa panels’ surface or core.
  • Quality decorative exterior panels for innovative and functional ventilated rain screen cladding systems.
  • Easy to Keep Clean. Smooth panel surface/closed non-porous structure that resists dirt accumulation while remaining unaffected by harsh cleaning agents.
  • Safe Fire Behavior. Trespa Meteon does not melt, drip, or explode. Has passed the one-hour fire resistance test (ASTM E119098).
  • Environmentally Sound. Certified according to ISO 14001, awarded by Lloyd’s Register.
  • Certified by all major international certifications institutions.

What is Trespa Meteon?

Trespa Meteon is a decorative construction panel of 70% paper or residual wood and 30% of a phenolic binder. Trespa Meteon panels create impressive, long-lasting building envelopes that can be used on their own or in combination with other materials. These panels can complement or even determine the look and personality of a building that fulfills the vision of the architect or the required corporate image of the client.

Just as Trespa focuses on service and demands quality performance of the panels they produce, Gen3 installs the Trespa Meteon panels with the same strong focus on service and quality results.